Drone services

Lesley is a drone pilot and can shoot aerial footage of virtually anything, if the (weather) conditions, environment and surroundings allow for it.

Drone inspection service

With a drone it’s very simple to see objects that normally would never be accessible to see. The possibilities are endless or, the sky is the limit!

Inspect the roof of your house or business after a storm, See how your roof looks before (and after!) maintenance. Inspect the parts of normally inaccessible parts of buildings. Hoover over any area for mapping purposes.

Get an inspection video in UHD 4K and 24 megapixel photographs for a high quality and very detailed image of your property, business or other project.

Aerial event videography

Ever saw a helicopter flying over a festival or other outdoor event? Very costly occasion, let me tell you. With a drone you can have your event professionally filmed for the sky. Fly over the crowd for cinematic looking footage capturing the vibe. Hoover in front of the stage to make that epic shot of the DJ or band performing. No expensive crane and camera needed. Again, the sky is the limit!

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