Your wedding stylishly summarized in a romantic yet flashy and easy to watch video clip, completely assembled with appropriate music.

The length of the video will be about 10 minutes, long enough to show all the highlights well and short enough to hold the viewer’s attention to the end. Of course, a longer video report can be chosen in consultation. It’s YOUR day!

What can you expect from a wedding flick?
• Shots of preparations, behind the scenes. O.a. sneak preview of the bride and that kind of fun atmosphere images.
• Yes-moment and the kiss!

Of course you want video footage from your photo shoot, if there is one. On location I make a few ‘behind the scenes shots’ of the wedding photography, and some beautiful, opulent images on the location. If there is no photo shoot you can always choose to shoot some nice images at a suitable location. The choice is yours.

And then there is the possibility to record images from the sky with a drone. Beautiful, smooth images taken from the a hight. This can be a beautiful addition to photos during the photo shoot, but of course also the smooth video. Drone images can also be very nice at the ceremony, for example, provided this happens outside. Also the departing (for honeymoon) couple, whether or not in a car with empty cans behind it, can produce very beautiful, cinematic images from a hight. The sky is the limit!

If desired, recordings can be made from the reception to complete the picture. There are then a few moments highlighted.

Why not just a wedding photographer, why a weddingflick?